Nand install to sd

hello i would like to copy my coreelec nand installation to sd card to get dual setup android kodi
i have custom settings in linux i would like to keep
is there a way to do this ?
or can i install android on sd ?

Your only option is to backup your system from the CoreELEC settings, perform a fresh install on an SD card and restore your previous backup.
You will loose every customization outside of the /storage/ partition, of course.

If all you want is to replicate Kodi configuration, you can just install the backup plugin, use it to do a Kodi configuration backup, and then restore the backup file to other Kodi on other devices. Once restore is done, you may need to do some tweakings on the new devices if both your devices have different hardware. Make sure you select a full backup.

CE already has a backup option - no real need to install a third party addon that does the same thing :thinking: