Need Help- Cant Power-on by ir remote on Le Potato (s905X)

I loaded Coreelec and configured the ir remote, all works well in Coreelec however when the system is powered off I am not able to power-on the system using the ir remote.

Can anyone assist it how i could go about configuring the ir receiver to power on the system?

The hardware I am using is Le Potato

The software it is running is CoreELEC 8.90.2

Anyone able to accomplish poweer-on this device by IR remote?

You will need to customize the u-boot configuration file for your device and recompile u-boot. To what extent the Suspend FW works, I can not say.

LT u-boot tree

i have the same problem with a infomir mag410.
i only can power on with the original remote but i have a airmouse too and with the airmouse i can not power on the box. power off woks fine.

how does it work with u-boot?

or any other idea?