Need Help Mounting NAS

According to my WD MyCloud, the mount point for the folder I want to mount is:
I can access this folder with my other devices (including from within Kodi on this box).

I created a file called storage-netrecordings.mount in the system.d folder with the following information:

Description=nfs mount script for recordings



I SSH’d into the box and gave the command “systemctl enable storage-netrecordings.mount”. The box seemed to accept the command. However, no folder named netrecordings shows up in the storage folder, should it?
I tried rebooting but it still isn’t there.
Do I need to create a folder called netrecordings in the storage folder?


Try this:
ssh root@boxip
mkdir -p /storage/netrecordings
mount -t nfs /storage/netrecordings -o nolock

ls -la /storage/netrecordings
Should show the files/folders from NAS

If it was successful add mount command to

Despite what some people may claim Samba is a more reliable way of sharing files than NFS. If a NFS share ever goes stale it s a nightmare to recreate it - and this can often happen with home servers which don’t have the protection of UPS’s.

Just my opinion.


I´m using NAS and NFS since 2010.
No nightmare.
I´m using smb/cifs with windows computers and nfs with linux computers, raspberry and amlogic boxes.

Samba -> Windows
NFS -> UNIX/Linux

Just my opinion and my five cents.

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Thanks, that worked.
One interesting thing. I can see the netrecordings folder using WinSCP but it doesn’t show up in Windows File Explorer.

Windows uses samba.
You must configure it in samba config file.

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