Need help - remote configure

You need to try this command via ssh first ir-ctl -t 20000
if all is ok, than add in
if you want you can try different delay and repeat periods, but they work not in the same way like in remote.conf
ir-keytable -D xxx -R yyy where xxx - delay, yyy - repeat period

Thank you for the explanations! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Arien’s suggestion also does not feel right, so I will try to experiment with the values.

Can you tell me what the ranges for all three parameters are?
Is is documented somewhere?
Do you know what the numbers translate to? I assume there must be times in ms in there somehow?

yes, ms
Change ir-ctl values and don’t change ir-keytable values on startup and ir-keytable output will show you a default values
you can try the same as in your old config, but with small values can be false double button press.
so you can experiment with them and left best working for you.

Thanks to your help I found the sweet spot now - it took some time to find it…
It’s still not quite as responsive as in Krypton, but ok. :slight_smile:


Did I write this correctly into the

ir-keytable parameters can be in one line, as in my example above

Having the commands in does not work for me.
One line or two lines, either way - after reboot it is always set to the standard 500/125.
I also tried formatting the EOL in Windows or Unix - no change.

Are you sure that is where and how to place the commands?

Is your file file placed in correct place? /storage/.config/

Oh my god, this is embarrassing… :smiley:

I actually had the in /userdata, not /configfiles. :sweat_smile:
So sorry - it’s working now! :slight_smile:

I think I had it confused with advancedsettings.xml…
Stupid me…

A “man” who never made a mistake never learnt anything.

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Looks like wrong place for file
Correct one is /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg

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