Need help with control configuration in PPSSPP emulator, Emuelec 4.3

Hi all! I really need help. Device - game box (android 7), Amlogic s905 processor, 2 gig RAM, Emuelec 4.3. The problem is in the PPSSPP emulator control config. Tried everything I could, nothing helps. I launch any PSP game - the button to the right is stuck and the rest of the buttons, except for start and select, do not respond. In other emulators, everything is fine. For example, libreto. But I can’t win PPSSPP. From the gamepad (gamepads similar to DS3 came with the set-top box) with the Select button I go to the PPSSPP settings menu, but I can’t press or do anything else, because the dpad all the time presses to the right, neither up nor down, and the buttons in the menu do not work . I connected the USB keyboard yesterday, changed the control settings, assigned the gamepad keys, exited the menu and everything is the same, the settings are not saved. OK. I delete files using the file manager (setup scripts): controls.ini and ppsspp.ini along the path /storage/.config/ppsspp/PSP/SYSTEM, also deleted gamecontrollerdb.txt, I don’t remember exactly which section this file was in. I turn on any game, and everything is the same - trouble with the controls, I can’t even move in the PPSSPP menu, now even the keyboard does not work. Tell me, please, what to do? P.S.: somewhere along the path: usr/config/ppsspp/PSP/SYSTEM there are also files controls.ini and ppsspp.ini nothing can be done with them at all, the system gives an error - parental control is enabled. Thank you in advance :roll_eyes:

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