Need some help with a new remote

I have been using a venerable basic air remote for a couple of years

and i would like a recommendation for an upgrade preferably one that uses Bluetooth for both the remote and keyboard (the IR keyboard on this model is a pain) and will be compatible with a ODROID-N2 that I was about to order until the cat ran me £370 yesterday in vets fees.

TIA Stuart.

Bluetooth remotes are a pita, you would be better with an RF based model like the Minix A2 Lite remote, the power button is IR so you can still turn your device on and off and all other buttons are RF.

In what way are bluetooth remotes a pita? I use an Amazon FireTV bluetooth remote without any problems.

I am very happy with the remote that you have. If this one breaks, I’ll buy another one like it. It allows to reprogram all the IR keys and use the alphabetical keyboard, it is fantastic. What I like the least is the weight of the remote.

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I use a similar model to the one in the picture and I’m very happy with it personally. I had the above one and it was problematic, can’t exactly remember in what way (I think sometimes keys wouldn’t react). The newer similar one was better, I think it’s called T3. I had one I broke by accident and got 2 more.
I used it on N2 and now on Vim3 You do have to sacrifice a usb port, but N2 has 4 anyway.

Thanks for the advice, I looked into the air remote I am currently using and discovered its the older model and the newer versions T3 or MX3 (whatever the model number is its the one with the backlit keyboard) seem to have evolved to fix the problems I have had like the keyboard is no longer IR, it has a backlit facility and I believe the gyros are uprated to improve reliability and at £8.99 for this one it seems like a decent buy, however, I am going to track down the manufacturers website and see if they are bringing out a version that charges from the USB port as I suspect the backlighting isn’t going to do the battery life much good

It’s not a perfect remote but I like it a lot. The fact it has no actual Stop button in any of the models puzzles me. I did find the T3 to be a lot better than the old model you have even though it’s very similar. And apparently you can also program the dead keys if you want to following the instructions on the link I gave.
The one with the backlit keyboard I considered too but it looks like all the front keys are monochrome colored which I didn’t like/

@roidy that’s great that it works without problems for you but if you search the forums you will find many people that have had issues.

RF requires no configuration and is guaranteed to work without issues.

I have the one you linked to, but I only use it on my shield now & again, it has a menu button which the 2017 shield remote doesn’t.

Use rechargeable batteries.

I tracked down the OEM for these devices, which seems to be Shenzhen B2GO Technology Co., Ltd though I doubt very much they are the actual manufacturer as they seem more of a disty.

The one that impressed me looking through their range was the H1 Model it seems to be an upgraded version of the MX3 (the backlit version I mentioned in my earlier post is the MX3 Pro) and boy does it tick all the boxes though the price is about twice that of an MX3 Pro but at £17.28 it seems like a decent buy that’s going to last a few years . I have ordered myself one, however, its a ship from China item so I will post an update in a few weeks once it arrives.

can fully echo adamg’s reco of the Minix remotes - work like a charm and last forever.

Looks slick and they removed the keys that were harder to program. I don’t see Play/Pause keys though and still no Stop key.

Sadly I wont be able to post a review of the H1 as my order happened just as the Covid-19 shutdown happened and the factory is out of stock with no idea when they will be produced again, so I cancelled my order and I am now looking for a replacement.