Need suggestions for a DVB-S2 USB stick for CoreELEC

I have a PCTV 461e DVB-S2 stick but I cannot get it to work properly with CoreELEC (works fine in my NAS but lots of continuity errors in CoreELEC) so I am looking for another suggestion, something that is known to work well with CoreELEC.

Not exactly what you asked for but an excellent alternative with four feeds:


When you consider the cost of a USB tuner these start to look excellent value and I can personally attest to the fact that the digibit works out of the box on CE. Since these work to the SAT > IP standard there is no issue with drivers and they will work with just about any SAT > IP client (think tablets, phones, PC’s and smart TV). TVHeadend finds them straight away.


Thats a good tip, although I understand owner, he has already working HW, only thing missing is some detail/difference in versions of driver… It could be frustrating, especially, when owner possibly could grab and use (re-compile) current drivers on NAS…

Hopefully the situation with drivers (media build should have latest updates? not sure about that) will just improve, with submitting patches etc.

The issue I also encountered is that the media builds have a finite number of supported hardware, and older cards tend to get dropped. This can leave you stranded on an older version of Kodi since older media builds do not get ported to new versions of Kodi. I had this with a dvbsky card which left me stranded on Jarvis for about two years.


Oh, thats very bad news :frowning: Dont understand why drop something which is already working… Uu. And for me media build are currently only drivers, which works with my DVB-T2 stick unfortunatelly (well, lets say for my family members homes, I personally using DVB stick on the router already).

Well, lets hope it will work also with CE 9.x + Kodi 18.1, and no other problem appears so I could use it long years (cross fingers)…

Thanks for your suggestion but if I was to move to another box I would need that box to also support DVB-T2. The KIII Pro has a DVB-S2 tuner and a DVB-T2 tuner and I have another USB stick for DVB-T2 failover but my DVB-S2 USB tuner is having issues so I need another one.

Btw the 461e does get detected, so its driver hasnt been dropped, but the driver seems to be dodgy.

SAT > IP is not another TV-box. Its a dvb_S2 tuner which presents its output as an IP stream. It can work with any box which runs TVHeadend. Its how I am currently running my VIM2 with vTV card (supporting dvb-S2 and dvb-T2) , the onboard DVB-T2 card is providing terrestrial channels and the digitwin SAT > IP is providing two streams of dvb-S2 which the VIM2 recieves via the TVHeadend server.


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I also use a Digibit for DVB-S channels and a HDHomerun for DVB-T channels.
Both sets of tuners are seen by tvheadend in similar manner so there are no problems at all.

Ah! Sorry, I didnt get what you meant at first. Thanks

Just to update. I plugged my USB sticks into my NAS and sharing them to my KIII Pro via Sat>IP. Thanks for the help guys, esp @Shoog

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