Netflix Installation - How Do I Get Netfllix Working?


I have searched around the Corelec posts to try to find a way to get Netflix installed/working, but I haven’t been able to find anything to really help get this done. What do I need to do to install and get Netflix running?
I will be happy to create a How to once I am able to get this working.


Just follow the link:

By the way: I cannot make this addon work on 8.90.3 so I went back to 8.90.2.


it works with 8.90.3, at least on KVIm

You need the correct widevine files.
You can get them from Sandmanns Amazon Test Plugin / Inputstream Helper.


I tried to make it work. The netflix addon downloaded the necessary widevine files, but when I started it, I got an error message. Could you please help me what to do with this “Sandmanns Amazon Test Plugin / Inputstream Helper”?


Please read before opening another thread.


I have searched about to find a write-up/How-to install Netflix on Coreelec, but have had no luck.

Would some kindly soul point me in the correct direction please?



Check this page -
Install Netflix repository from there, then install Neflix addon. It will download Google Chrome Recovery OS image and extract widevine. Maybe you’ll need to enable (or install) InputStream Adaptive addon (My addons->VideoPlayer InputStream), reboot your box and you’re good to go.
Latest Netflix addon is 0.3.17 and I can confirm it is working on CoreELEC 8.95.5.
Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thank you.


Installed and working using new First Month Free account with Netflix.
Now I will be able to see what all the fuss is about :slight_smile:

Thanks again :wink:


What can i do when the Stream works but it feels a bit “laggy”. It seems that audio/video is a bit out-of-sync.