Netflix on Odriod C4

Hey there, I’ve been having trouble with getting the netflix plugin to work on my fresh install of coreelec nightly.

I am able to install it without issue the problem arises when I go to login, no matter what i try i always can’t login and the error provided is wrong password. I’ve changed my netflix password, done countless fresh installs of both the netflix plugin and coreelec, checked if widevine has been installed along with inputstream adapter and helper. I’m running out of ideas and would appreciate any help
I’m running an odriod c4

Read through this topic: Can’t login on Netflix plugin - Incorrect password #502
It’s a known issue at the moment, and developer is working on a fix.

Ok ill upload the log to them and hopefully it’ll help

Thanks for letting me know

Remember, once you successfully login don’t log out until this error is permanently resolved.

Btw, I’m logged to NF for more than a year now, never logged out, and have no problems with watching their streams…

Will do.

for anyone else heres the post from the dev for a possible workaround that i found while reading through the topic Sholander posted

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