Netflix only in SD on Odroid N2

Since yesterday I can get only 960x540p on my Odroid N2. Till then I had no problems getting and playing NF streams in 1080p. Does anybody know the reason for this, and of course, is there a fix for this, since nothing changed in my setup and I am using latest NF addon version…

Can anybody check this, maybe it’s region specific. I’m watching NF in Croatia.

I have the same problem on N2 and C4.
Netflix app is version 1.3.2 and InputStreamAdaptive is
CE on nightly 20200523 and latest widevine.

Yes, all Linux-Arm devices that use NF addon that mimics Chrome are affected, and there is no solution yet. Netflix not only lowered bitrate to a minimum, but also went so far to disable HD streams on all Amlogic devices running on Linux/Elec as well as on all RPis. I just don’t see how such a move raises their profit…

It’s not supposed to raise their profit, it’s supposed to reduce ease/risk of piracy.

One cannot watch, or even login to their servers without a valid subscription. So, how can they reduce risk of piracy when you have to pay different subscriptions for SD, HD and UHD?

With only SD subscription I cannot watch any stream in HD even if my device is capable for HD reproduction and is Netflix approved. The same for UHD, if only HD subscription is valid.

I seem to face the same issue. Can only play at 540p but I am on S912 soc.

I have raised an issue with the input adaptive team, but they cannot find the reason yet.

Yes, I’m watching closely the issue topic :slight_smile:

The risk is that you could potentially use this hack to pirate their streams, so they simply prefer to lock all unapproved devices to the minimum quality.

If that is the reason, it’s futile and pretty stupid from them. I have a friend who is pirating their UHD streams (and uploading them on a well known torrent site) with a perfectly legal and from Netflix approved device :rofl:

What happens if you put in CE NF addon an ESN from a certified device?

In short - it will not work.
ESN code has many details which identifies clients. At the moment it uses identification from Chrome OS -01-. Changing ESN identification to Linux -LX- for example, does not work… Read more about efforts to solve this problem here.

Yesterday I had only a bit of time in the evening and it was working again in full HD. It was Netflix problems according to the GitHub developers thread.

I can confirm and I bet @Sholander can too. I hope they don’t mess up with the servers again.

same here - no need to change anything 1080p netflix is back! :star_struck:

Yes, N2 users (along with RPi users) can enjoy NF in HD again, for how long, that is THE question :slight_smile:
Netflix is constantly changing things and working towards to block all HD/UHD users who don’t use their certified devices.

Yes, it doesn’t help when someone requests (as I saw in Kodi add-on forum) that downloads should be made available and in a readable format. That must ring all the alarms at NF headquarters.

NF running in 1080p on N2 and C4…