Netflix plugin not working for me on odroid c2 running latest build

Sorry for the late: I used a password containing some special characters such some special chars such as “$”, “£”, “_” and “€”.
Probably one of these was the cause of my problem :-/

Checked it. I have set “Italian” but in many cases, I noticed that the the default audio at startup is german, and subtitles are enabled.
I’d love to set “italian” as default audio choice, disabling subtitles on every video.
I’ll further investigate the issue, cause from the CE configuration everything seems to be set correctly.

Thanks once again!

I have found out that Netflix configurations for sound and subtitles stick as expected if you do them from a PC. If you login to Netflix from Firefox and set your preferences there and save them, they will work as expected on other platforms - Amlogic boxes and smart TVs.