Netflix settings to get 4K working on N2+?

I just got my N2+ recently and have everything up and running great.

Is there a way to get 4K HDR streams working with the Netflix addon? I can get 1080p playback working and keep messing with all the settings and when I turn the 4K settings on I can’t even get playback to start.

Apologies as I keep searching the forum and googling and can’t seem to find an answer. Maybe 4K streams won’t work on N2+?

I believe it’s impossible, as decoding has to be done in software not hardware, and the N2 only has enough grunt to output 1080p without maxing out the CPU. If your TV supports 4K HDR10, then I’m sure it has a native Netflix app within the TV. Use that.

No. No way to get 4K HDR NF streams on N2/+ or any SBC/Box without L1 DRM and Netflix certification. Although N2 has a CPU with enough ponies to do 4K UHD NF streams, this will never happen.

Thanks. This is what I thought since it didn’t work with the same settings I used on Nvidia Shield.

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