Network Error, Invalid Arguments

Hello, I am using CoreELEC for some months now, but although all the updates and so it seems that there’s is still a very huge problem with the WiFi connection. To get this working again I usually soft reset the CoreELEC settings but it’s annoying because everytime I reset the CoreELEC settings I have to get the remote control working again and it just takes a lot of time ( I’m using MINIX )
Can anyone help ? The message that appears when I try to connect to any WiFi is «Network Error, Invalid Arguments » this would be a major development for CoreELEC community :pray::pray:

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This message is (for me) present from the first day I installed LE to present day CE. I just ignore it since it does not matter to anything. WiFi connection turns normaly ON after a couple of seconds and works OK

Try enabling the Wait for Network in kodi and / or coreELEC settings

The message I am talking about has nothing to do with once working WiFi connection.
It only displays when making a NEW wifi network connection. Once the connection is established, no more messages are displayed after restart, so no need for Wait for Network in my case…

My reply was more aimed at the OP :smile: