Network unreachable

Using the 20200210 currently.
I have a small issue that seem to come and go with updates. Not sure if it’s build related:
I usually leave the Vim3 on a network shared location (where I have videos I play) when I send it to suspend via CEC. A lot of the times when it wakes up on TV power (it sometimes does and sometimes I have to press the power button), It pops a “Network unreachable” error and goes back to Videos root. From there it has no problem to browse to my saved network locations.

It’s pretty much now every time Vim3 wakes up via CEC. Currently using 13-03-2020 nightly (though I just installed it).

It should be solved in the latest nightly.

I installed it but have no suspended since.
Funny though, one of the commits had something about kernel-overlays so I thought that would be something for the notification overlaying the screensaver and not the network thing :slight_smile:

Just woke up the V3 for the first time since I’ve updated yesterday, and it booted straight to where I left it.
Thanks a lot for fixing it!