Networking problems 9.2.7 Associating, failure

I got a new router, my Odroid N2 with Realtek RTL8192CU Wireless LAN 802.11n USB 2.0 Network Adapter, running CoreElec 9.2.7 connected just fine, then about a day later I had to factory reset my router, because a app got stuck installing, and would not finish, or uninstall. Now my media center seems to act funny with wifi. Some SSID’s will show up, then randomly disappear, when I try to connect, it usually sits at associating, and then eventually says failure. My router is open, and uses mac addresses for security, I have double checked that the mac address for the media center is allowed, I have rebooted the media center multiple times, and it keeps doing this. I have just ordered a new USB wifi specifically for Odroid, but I am doubting that, that is the problem. I am starting to think it might be software related, but since I can not SSH into the machine to check settings on console, I am lost as to what to do. Can someone point me in a direction to start to diagnose this problem?

EDIT: It would take me at least a week to get a UART cable also.

Did you try to set DHCP server on your router to , for example: 192.168.x.100 to 192.168.x.200 and then assign a fixed IP address on your N2, for example to 192.168.x.50, and remove MAC address filtering from router for testing if this way it works ?
When N2 is trying to connect to your router’s WiFi, can you connect your PC with N2 via a Lan cable and then try if SSH works ? (You have to enable Ethernet adapter on N2 before trying that :wink:

It very rarely even shows my SSID in the list. I found a old router last night, and connected wired last night so I could use journalctl to see what was happening, and I noticed "Association request to the driver failed " in the log files, so I manually updated my install to 19, and it is still happening.

To me it looks that your WiFi adapter is not working properly…
Since you ordered a new one, I hope it’s this one with Realtek RTL8811AU chipset. I have another model with same chipset which works perfect on my N2.


Yes, it is that exact one. The adapter works fine in my windows computer, so I am not 100% sure it is bad, but, it is also old, I have had it since I got my first Raspberry Pi, a long time ago.

Just tried mine on CE 9.2.7 and it works almost the same as my Ethernet which I normally use on my 200/100 fiber connection. Checking it with (not very accurate) “Speed Tester.1.1.2” addon I get 180/105 on WiFi and 185/90 on Ethernet…

New adapted fixed the problem.

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