New 20.3 CE install on AM6b Plus. Freezing at CE logo

Hello - I wrote the latest 20.3 ng-dv image, “CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng-dv.arm-20.3-Nexus-Generic.img.gz” to the uSD card inside an AM6b+. I used the correct dtb file, brought it to the root, and renamed it “dtb.img”.

When I use the toothpick method, and hold down the “Recovery” button while plugging in the power. The android logo shows up and says “Upgrading”. Then the CoreElec logo shows up, spins a little bit, then immediately freezes and everything stops. The screen just shows the frozen logo with nothing happening, and that’s it.

What am I doing wrong? Is there another install method for the Ugoos AM6b+?

I found the solution. It is because the Ugoos firmware needs to be updated first prior to installing CE. Thank you to the OP here:

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