New N2 owner-have some questions

I’ve been fiddling around with my N2 and have some questions-I got it to supplement my Shield TV and am running the latest nightly of Coreelec and noticed that on some of my anime files the audio stutters. The same files play without problems on my shield-any ideas? The second problem is that I can’t get my bt remote to pair with the N2. I’m using a generic bt remote and the usb bt dongle that Ameridroid sells-even connected it to the usb2 port on the front of the N2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Most of my BT stuff has paired fine, except for a BT keyboard that asks to enter a code, which i cant do as its not paired lol, who dreamed that up.

This will be interesting as i want to pair a old ps3 br remote, but i think you need to install drivers for that?.

Does it appear in the bt menu?

I have a ps3 bt remote that is one of the Bluetooth devices I use for testing. It works without issue. Try connect and trust instead of pairing.

How do you even get it to show in the bluetooth menu?

Scrap that sorted, wow that was easy, and wipes the ir remote dead, well happy.

It’s not a game controller, it’s just a regular bt remote controller-it won’t even show up on the bt menu. I’m beginning to wonder if the chipset driver is compiled into the linux core? At least the audio problems dissappeared with the latest CE nightly. Funny thing is the remote works perfectly on my Shield TV with no tinkering required.

Do you have trouble connecting other BT devices? Or do no bluetooth devices show up in menu at all when you try to connect them?

The bluetooth adapter from ameridroid, are you referring to this one

Thats the exact dongle i am using, all my BT stuff has paired fine, although took a good few attempts with the PS3 BT remote, didnt want to show up, but suddenly did. I kept just hitting the BT menu option and it suddenly refreshed.

Only thing i cant pair is a BT keyboard, it keeps asking for a pairing code, but i cant enter the code as its not paired lol.

Yup-that’s the one, I ended up returning it. I tried hitting the pair listing numerous times with no result, the remote didn’t even showup in the menu. I can only assume the dongle was defective-I’ll see what I can find someplace else. Maybe just get a wi fi dongle and controller and forget bluetooth.

Strange, try the dongle on your pc?

That didn’t work either-of course that bt dongle probally wasn’t compatable with win 10. I just got a wi fi controller with a dongle and it works fine now.

Sorted, i must be lucky as mine worked fine straight away.

Glad you got something sorted