New owner, HDD file system help

Hello, I’m new to the forums and to single boards like this but I got my N2 yesterday and it works perfectly with the small HDD I tested it with and even got the remote codes working 1st time.

I have just gotten a 10TB drive which I will be connecting via USB and right now it is empty so I was wondering what the best file system to use for this and whether multiple partitions like a swap partition or the like would help?

The only real requirement I have is that the files must also be read by Windows.

If you want to use it in Windows, than I think you have no alternatives, only NTFS…
And also I don’t know how do you want to use CE… For general use any additional swap on hdd not required.

Ah, ok, just wasn’t sure.
Yeah just general use, movie and tv shows from HDD

IIRC, exFAT is also supported.

exFAT will only allow access to a small part of a 10T harddrive so is not suitable.


What does that mean? Max partition size for exFAT is 128PB (128000TB)???
FWIW I’ve use NTFS for years with openelec / libreelec (for windows compatibility) and it just works.

My mistake, was confusing it with the old FAT systems.