NEW Repo for Remote files (Thanks to Betatester)

Thanks, I’ll have a go at it later (not at home at the moment).
What puzzles me a bit is that the menu button works after I run the script (stopping kodi & eventlircd and then starting again).

Sorry, where is the default configuration saved? I would like to modify the mecool one.

Cool! but unfortunately this was a bit useless for me in a Mecool Ki Pro box. The problem with the remote control of that box is with the buttons FAV, DTV and APPS, which send KEY_FAVORITE, KEY_COMPOSE and KEY_CONFIG respectively to Kodi, they are not associated with any action in Lircmap.xml and returns the code 0 (seen it in kodi.log), so the Keymap Editor addon can’t associate the buttons with an action. So I tried to add it to Lircmap.xml in /storage/userdata, but CE did not load it (maybe a bug?), I had to use Linux to mount the SYSTEM file, edit the Lircmap.xml in /usr/share/kodi/system and compress it again with mksquashfs with LZO, from that way I got the buttons to send some code.

If someone has the same problem, these are the lines I added to Lircmap.xml, under device “devinput”:


EDIT: WTF! Sorry, I finally did a clean installation of CoreElec and now I see that it does work putting the Lircmap.xml file in /storage/userdata, maybe I have done something that interfered with the file, I suspect about the remote config file in rc_keymaps, as I was trying to make the buttons work by changing the signal associated from KEY_COMPOSE/CONFIG/FAVORITE to another. However, maybe the devs can make the corrections in the built in Lircmap.xml file, changing the generic obcXXX codes if they know better than I what function to call in Kodi :slight_smile:

I’m sure it’s been said before but, here goes . . .
Always reconfirm suspected errors/bugs using a clean install of CoreELEC with only bundled addons installed before posting. It saves the devs wasting their time investigating an issue caused by not following recommended install procedures.
Good to see you got it sorted though.

Has anything changed regarding remotes lately?

Just done a clean install and dumped my 2 files into the correct folders via samba and nothing is working.

I created the files when coreelec first branched and they’ve been fine since. The only thing I can see is the guide says to put them in .config but I have .configfiles.


read the first post in this thread, it tells you where to put the files. You don’t need to create them again.

Copy alfawise_H96pp to /storage/.config/rc_keymaps

Copy rc_maps.cfg to /storage/.config


But I don’t have a .config folder.
I have a .configfiles folder.


I don’t have a configfiles folder. I think you need to tell us your device, what device tree you used.

Tell us the the exact steps you used.

So, recap, you burnt the correct img.gz file using rufus or similar, you then copied the correct device tree from the folder to the root, you then put the usb into the device, followed the initial setup, making a note of the ip address

what folders do you have in storage?

SSH access will show the folder as .config
SMB access shares the same folder as .configfiles :wink:

:blush: you learn something new everyday


I have Tanix TX5 Pro but when i install CoreELEC the remote speed is jerky at best…

In previous Kodi version it was flawless but in new Kodi version this is buggy and not only in CoreELEC but in all versions i have tried so far…

Is there a fix for this?

Thank you in advance for your help…

I just migrated from LibereEelec by backing up, doing a clean install, and restoring backup onto my Beelink MXIII Version II.

My previously created harmony / pivos config no longer works.

I had originally created custom remote.conf and remote second.conf files that I restored yet I don’t see an option in coreelec for infrared remote or even type of remote.

Any ideas?

Remote conf no longer works. There is a new method. which you will find if you search the forum. However, someone suggested I use the Mecool KIII profile on the Logitech database which works well.

Got it al sorted out. Used the MECOOL KIII PRO device on my harmony instead of PIVOS and it worked out of the box, no need to change anything else. Did have to edit a few buttons but all good now. Thanks.

Since the new version CE 8.95.6, my previous “trick” of setting up the Logitech Harmony as a MeCool KIII Pro doesn’t work anymore because they disabled out-of-the-box support for MeCool devices. It can still be enabled using SSH commands, but I’m looking for the perfect out-of-the-box solution, so I’m investigating replacing the Harmony setup of Mecool KIII Pro with one of the many variants of MCE IR remotes… A few of them work out of the box… I will see which one is the best as a replacement and I’ll report my findings… unless someone already knows the ideal MCE IR remote…

how can i revert everything back to original?

Just remove /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg and reboot.


I want to modify thw remote keya to execute some scripts. For example, I want to use the POWER key to execute “/storage/” script.

How could I configure this?


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Hi. I have a working Kodi 17.6 remote setup under LibreELEC on my Mini M8S II media box, using a fairly heavily custom configured remote.conf file which took a long time to get working exactly the way I wanted with my XSight Touch universal remote and a modified harmony code set. I also use a Kodi gen.xml file in /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/ for further tweaking.

I assumed from the info above that all I would need to do for CoreELEC (for Kodi 18) would be to copy my working remote.conf file into /storage/.config/rc_keymaps/ and create an rc_maps.cfg file in /storage/.config/ containing “meson-ir * remote.conf”. However I now think I was maybe being a bit optimistic that anyone would make it that easy for me. :frowning:

Obviously I don’t want to spend hours on hours of extra work recreating all the code sequences that I have already done, so any suggestions on how to get it working (or even how to get the little supplied remote working, as that doesn’t seem to work either)? Many thanks.


I somehow seem to have lost the recent couple of replies in this thread, the last now seems to be my message of last night? Odd.

Anyway, as advised in those missing messages, I have created an MCE codeset in my XSight Touch remote, and removed my trial rc_maps.cfg and related files from CoreELEC, and after a reboot the media player is responding to basic remote commands fine. So now all I need to do is tweak a few of the more specific button presses to generate my required customised Kodi functions.

Is there an existing mapping file that I should edit to adjust the out-of-the-box MCE functionality (there doesn’t seem to be one contained in the Dropbox repository at NEW Repo for Remote files (Thanks to Betatester)), or do I have to build a new one from scratch as above?