NEW Repo for Remote files (Thanks to Betatester)


Ne, ich habe gar keine Datei bis jetzt erstellt, keymaps Ordner ist leer, im Userdata gibt es auch keine Remute.xml
Der liest es bestimmt von irgend wo anders, dieser Verzeichnis mir aber unbekannt ist

No, I have not created a file yet, keymaps folder is empty, there is no Remute.xml in the Userdata

He will read it from somewhere else, but this directory is unknown for me

you have to look in the configfiles folder, and maybe subfolder keymaps.

maybe if you try the latest nightly. It has reworked remote files.

No what I actually said was…

I do agree with this but it up to the ops on how they wish to handle this remote repo.

If 2 different devices share a common remote and the op doesn’t wish to duplicate files then maybe one solution would be to just create a folder for the device with a text file inside saying which remote config to use to make it easier for users to locate the config needed for their device?

the keymaps Folder is empty

i have stable 9.2.2

i enable debug log now, and press one button, this is the log,

DEBUG: Keyboard: scancode: 0x0e, sym: 0x0008, unicode: 0x0008, modifier: 0x0
DEBUG: HandleKey: backspace (0xf008) pressed, action is Back

or long press.

DEBUG: HandleKey: long-enter (0x100f065) pressed, action is ContextMenu
DEBUG: Keyboard: scancode: 0x60, sym: 0x010f, unicode: 0x000d, modifier: 0x0

Maybe I need to search for keyboard and adjust the keyboard config, not remote.xml or keyboard.xml layout

try one of these: think you need the NG version. s905x2 and s905x3.

thanks, I don’t want to use the nightly version…

perhaps I have the wrong end of the stick. Your fire tv stick remote, worked, is it connected via blue tooth?

if so, there won’t be a remote file.

Yes it works, Connect via Bluetooth. i warnt to disable the Power and the Volume Buttons only for kodi. ( Hardware)

I assume you mean you want to enable not disable. (my German is not as good as your English) the volume & power buttons on the fire tv remote?

There isn’t a remote conf. I don’t know how to get this working.

you could try HDMI-CEC somehow

@mark1978 & @Betatester I have uploaded the remotes you made, to the new repo, SMART TV BOX (1GHZ DUAL CORE) it’s under Amlogic S

T95Z PLUS & U2C ZPRO (S905X)

I want to get away from cec, just use it now. Bluetooth is better

Disable is corect…
When i press the power button, the odroid n2 shutdown with my tv. That is not good, I have tvheadend, docker and php server on odroid n2…
When I press volume + - or mute, not only my Soundbar change the Volume.

Hi quick answer about the firestick remote you should be able to power off of you map the button.
Power on requires the IR to work since when you power off the Bluetooth is also switched off. You can get combined remotes which have an IR function got the power button.

hi folks! What is the command for ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons?
btw long press is the same as repeat section :slight_smile:

In the new repo, Library, tutorials, there are some documents, perhaps one of those could help

thanks @bubblegum57 indeed it has the key for next and previous song. Wanted to get them together with the fastforward and fastbackwards into the same button, but it isn’t working. So fastforward should be touching the button once, next track should be holding the button, longpress. Somehow it isn’t working with the repeat section.

Hi, long time CoreELEC user. I’ve got 2 boxes in the same room and use 2 harmony remotes to control each box, configured as MCE remotes. Now as they obviously interfere with eachother I’ve set 1 harmony remote as a PS2 IR remote and read the IR codes using the meson-ir tutorial. Everything is working great except for when I use the up and down to go through a list it only moves 6 times through the list then stops. I can see the remote is still sending the command but moving through the list stops. Whereas on the harmony configured as MCE it scrolls continuously.

Can some kind soul give some advice as to what I need to change to enable the repeats so I can continuously move through the list? It might even be the button long press?

Hi larky and welcome to the community.

Unfortunately this is not the appropriate thread for your query as it is solely for the purpose of posting working remote files, so best to start a new thread and also specify which boxes you are using.

Thanks for the quick reply. Will do, apologies.

i would say some conflict with remotesample file in the .config configfiles folder. Remove that file.