New stable version with Kodi 18.4 eta?

Is there any interest/work going on to release new stable version with Kodi18.4?

As usual we don’t have ETA…
We need some time to test latest changes and to fix some issues… And to return from vacation :slightly_smiling_face:
But it will be :wink:

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when it will be ready :slight_smile: For me is interesting question: The whole rebranding will be also for 18.x (9.0.x) versions? Or just for future NG (4.9 kernel)?

The rebranding stays, of course. And it applies to both 3.14 and 4.9.

Rebranding? Now I’m curious!

Rebranding in this case just means remove team kodi’s trademarks like their name and logo. While kodi is open source and free for anybody to use, their trademarks are not. They have rules that dictate the use of their trademarks, so if we remove them we don’t have to worry about any messy trademark rules and laws.

But I saw somewhere here there are some more changes under hood… I know about skin, which isnt affects me, but not sure about possible others.

As team Kodi progressively strips out more and more AMLogic specific code the CE team have to backport it back in to keep things functioning. This is no small job and will inevitably lead to delays in releasing newer versions of Kodi such as 18.4
The only unfortunate part of this is they did this before AMLogic mainline integration was mature enough to run Kodi.


for me and I bet for majority users is not important speed, but prefer better quality… If the current version doesnt have a MAJOR issue (which wasnt the case 18.2/3/4 I think), there is no need to hurry with anything…

Indeed … I am certain that 18.4 offers CE users nothing new.


For me there are few nice things which I saw in comapare log (kodi - not platform- related), at least I think by quick peek… But nothing major.

TK stripped Amlogic support from Kodi Matrix (v19). Leia is not affected.
But before we release a stable build we first have to make sure that everything in Kodi works well in conjunction with CE and we also have to fix all the smaller issues we are currently having with the nightly builds and the newer SoC support.
We recently bumped the kernel several revisions, so that needs to be test-driven for a while in the nightlies too before making an official release.

Rebranding is just that, we modified the skin, and while we were at it, updated the boot screen as well to fit the red theme.


18.4 will be in tonight’s nightly.

There is a number of bug fixes in it afaik.


CE 9.03 is stable as hell with my S912 device : movies addons IPTV …all work perfectly… I think I will block the update because I’m afraid about any 9.4… 9.3 works too well – EDIT : I forgot the 0 for 9.03 build…–

CE 9.3 ? Where did you get this version. The last stable I can find is 9.0.3 :wink:

The next stable will probably be 9.2…

I think he forgot the zero. In any case the 9.0.3 installation on my N2 is also working really well. I went to notification only on updates for both addons and CE. With all the trouble lately keeping Netflix working I think I need to review updates before letting them apply.

As a matter of principle I usually try to run updates manual where possible. I hate it when something breaks because something decided to update itself. For some reason software engineers like to think the stuff they put out is infallible. Either that or they expect their users to find the bugs for them. Sorry software engineers, life is too short for that hair pulling crap.

I think 9.0 is done with dot releases, next is probably 9.1, of course it depends on what the devs want to do. Could be a major version change like 10 which would be appropriate with the new branding. Actually kind of looking forward to the CE branded user interface.

Do that mean CEwith KODI 19 will never support AmLogic devices ?

It means nothing.