New UGOOS X4Q (new form factor)

Finally Ugoos is updating that horrible form factor for their X4 series of processors. Now it is called the X4Q.

As advertised it is using Android 11 and only supports HDMI 2.0 and not HDMI 2.1 (not sure that matters).

Pricing and availability not announced at this time.

Interesting though a PCB antenna is unlikely to be an improvement

Yes, the X4 current design is really bad. Which idiot puts HDMI and power input on opposite side of a tv box! L😁L

Has anyone tried the X4Q series with CoreElec? The fact that the Android side has Widevine L1 and Dolby decoding interests me a lot, but I don’t want to make as mistake after the terribly disappointing GT King II.

I hated the form factor of the original “cube” so bad, that I gave it away. Guess I would not hesitate to purchase the X4Q with the correct form factor. However, I still would purchase the HK1 X4 before purchasing the Ugoos again.
I know that you have a different opinion of of the HK1.

I am actually OK with CE on the HK1 knowing that it has used memory and emmc, and no HDMI protection @Portisch puttting a lot of effort into getting Ethernet working made a big difference too. You did suffer a h/w issue losing all your data once already, so caveat empter.

My complaints were and are on the Android side as I am not so impressed with any Android player that don’t have Dolby decoding since that makes them no better then cheap Roku’s. All the S905x4 plus the very expensive GT King II aren’t for systems with just a basic monitor. All the “real” Android apps I have that require AC3 audio fail to work.


That’s one of the reasons why I bought this box. Here is my (mostly bad) experience with Android so far:

  • Netflix displays only SD quality! According to Ugoos support, Netflix requires a certification on top of Widevine L1 (which they obviously do not have).
  • Paramout+ app crashes at start!
  • the serial line is locked at start of u-boot: no u-boot and kernel messages are displayed!
  • dmesg does not print out anything, even as root!

I can hardly wait for CE to run on the box.

Thanks for the update on this new device from Ugoos. That sounds like it has a locked bootloader, so no CE.

CE-ne boots up on a sd-card using the (wrong) device tree X4.

The serial console is re-activated but there is no ethernet and no wifi.
Also, the bluetooth remote does not pair.
Let’s see what works when the correct device tree is used.

Attached is the UART log:
screenlog-corelec-x4q-with-x4-dtb.log (130,2 KB)

Will there be support by CE Team for this device?

We currently don’t have such hardware so we need to get LAN working. Than someone can enable tmate and we can solve the rest. Someone can try in Android if it’s gigabit or 100mbit? Like with a speed test?

[    9.176120@3]  meson8b-dwmac fdc00000.ethernet eth0: PHY [0.0:00] driver [Generic PHY]
[    9.284347@3]  meson8b-dwmac fdc00000.ethernet: Failed to reset the dma
[    9.284366@3]  meson8b-dwmac fdc00000.ethernet eth0: stmmac_hw_setup: DMA engine initialization failed
[    9.284371@3]  meson8b-dwmac fdc00000.ethernet eth0: stmmac_open: Hw setup failed

So it might have the JL2xxx chip assembled.

And WiFi fails to:

[   11.827472@0]  [dhd] dhd_conf_read_config : Ignore config file /usr/lib/firmware/brcm/config_bcm4359c51a2_ag.txt
[   11.827484@0]  [dhd] dhd_conf_set_path_params : Final fw_path=/usr/lib/firmware/brcm/fw_bcm4359c51a2_ag.bin
[   11.827487@0]  [dhd] dhd_conf_set_path_params : Final nv_path=/usr/lib/firmware/brcm/nvram_ap6398sv.txt
[   11.827490@0]  [dhd] dhd_conf_set_path_params : Final clm_path=/usr/lib/firmware/brcm/clm_bcm4359c51a2_ag.blob
[   11.827494@0]  [dhd] dhd_conf_set_path_params : Final conf_path=/usr/lib/firmware/brcm/config_bcm4359c51a2_ag.txt
[   11.827883@0]  [dhd] dhdsdio_download_code_file: Open firmware file failed /usr/lib/firmware/brcm/fw_bcm4359c51a2_ag.bin
[   11.827889@0]  [dhd] _dhdsdio_download_firmware: dongle image file download failed
[   11.827916@0]  [dhd] dhd_bus_devreset Failed to download binary to the dongle

But it might be related to a SDIO problem, not sure.
Someone can provide a Android dmesg?

X4Q:/ # lsmod | sort
Module                  Size  Used by
amlogic_fbc_lib        36864  0 [permanent]
amvdec_av1            143360  0 
amvdec_av1_v4l        139264  0 
amvdec_avs2           204800  0 
amvdec_h264mvc         57344  0 
amvdec_h265           126976  0 
amvdec_h265_v4l       253952  0 
amvdec_mavs            40960  0 
amvdec_mh264          155648  0 
amvdec_mh264_v4l      159744  0 
amvdec_mmjpeg          28672  0 
amvdec_mmjpeg_v4l      28672  0 
amvdec_mmpeg12         49152  0 
amvdec_mmpeg12_v4l     49152  0 
amvdec_mmpeg4          36864  0 
amvdec_mmpeg4_v4l      36864  0 
amvdec_ports          151552  0 
amvdec_vc1             73728  0 
amvdec_vp9            118784  0 
amvdec_vp9_v4l        114688  0 
decoder_common        225280  22 jpegenc,amvdec_av1_v4l,amvdec_av1,amvdec_mavs,amlogic_fbc_lib,amvdec_ports,amvdec_avs2,amvdec_vp9_v4l,amvdec_vp9,amvdec_vc1,amvdec_mmpeg4_v4l,amvdec_mmpeg4,amvdec_mmpeg12_v4l,amvdec_mmpeg12,amvdec_mmjpeg_v4l,amvdec_mmjpeg,amvdec_h265_v4l,amvdec_h265,amvdec_h264mvc,amvdec_mh264_v4l,amvdec_mh264,stream_input
dhd                  1540096  0 
encoder                53248  0 
firmware               24576  22 jpegenc,amvdec_av1_v4l,amvdec_av1,amvdec_mavs,encoder,amvdec_avs2,amvdec_vp9_v4l,amvdec_vp9,amvdec_vc1,amvdec_mmpeg4_v4l,amvdec_mmpeg4,amvdec_mmpeg12_v4l,amvdec_mmpeg12,amvdec_mmjpeg_v4l,amvdec_mmjpeg,amvdec_h265_v4l,amvdec_h265,amvdec_h264mvc,amvdec_mh264_v4l,amvdec_mh264,stream_input,decoder_common
hdr10_tmo_alg          20480  0 [permanent]
jpegenc                45056  0 
mali_kbase            307200  13 
media_clock            32768  22 jpegenc,amvdec_av1_v4l,amvdec_av1,amvdec_mavs,amvdec_ports,vpu,encoder,amvdec_avs2,amvdec_vp9_v4l,amvdec_vp9,amvdec_vc1,amvdec_mmpeg4_v4l,amvdec_mmpeg12_v4l,amvdec_mmjpeg_v4l,amvdec_mmjpeg,amvdec_h265_v4l,amvdec_h265,amvdec_mh264_v4l,amvdec_mh264,stream_input,decoder_common,firmware
media_sync             28672  0 
optee                  53248  6 optee_armtz
optee_armtz            28672  3 
stream_input          139264  14 amvdec_av1_v4l,amvdec_av1,amvdec_mavs,amvdec_ports,amvdec_avs2,amvdec_vp9_v4l,amvdec_vp9,amvdec_mmpeg12_v4l,amvdec_mmpeg12,amvdec_h265_v4l,amvdec_h265,amvdec_h264mvc,amvdec_mh264_v4l,amvdec_mh264
video_framerate_adapter    16384  1 decoder_common
vpu                    45056  0 

I use a USB to RJ45 adapter. With this, LAN works partly.
We can try a session at the weekend.

No time on weekends, only during daytime till Friday.
If you don’t need it tomorrow turn on tmate and enter your username. Just ensure the device have internet access. TV can be off.

We did request the Android DTS from Ugoos to find the difference to the original X4.

Jan 12 06:43:34 CoreELEC sh[1125]: Connecting to
Jan 12 06:43:34 CoreELEC sh[1125]: Error connecting: Connection refused

Then your device do not have internet access?
Enable option Enable terminal sharing, set a user name in Connection name and then enable Send invitation to CoreELEC developers

To ensure if the device have internet open local in your LAN a ssh connection to the device and try to ping

yep. already did this.
service is down.

Does this work in guest LAN ?

It need to have internet access. I just tested the service and it works normal here and my test device comes online.

try again please.