New wierd symbol when watchin 4K TV under Coreelec on Vim3L

Since I always see a SYMBOL und the lower left when watching 4K TV Channels!
(see pic here:
I suppose it means: insufficient power ?!?

Clean install of CoreElec with Tvheadend Server + Client + Oscam on KHADAS VIM3L (did NOT use any kind of backup/restore!)

Tested with 3 different Power Supplies (5V/2A, 5V/3A, 5V-12V/3,5A-2A) and 3 different USB-C cables (high quality).

Never have had this under previous versions of CoreElec with same setup/hardware.

I don’t know that this icon means, but it’s nothing related to box power or CE.

This Symbol has nothing to do with CoreELEC, its a Digital Watermark by Sky Germany on Sport Channels to identify Streaming Pirates.

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