NEXBOX A95X-B7N sound problems

since im using Kodi 19 and now 20 i have some strange issue, which i never had before.
I also did a soft and hard reset and even a fresh installation.

On some video files with DTS-HD Master Audio when streaming and stopping i have no sound in the UI. I mean all the click sounds. When i start files with Dolby or stereo i have no sound after this issue.

Files with DTS-HD are still playing. Only a restart is resolving this issue.

I tried one thing which is even more strange. I changed the audio controller to PCM. With this one i can play Dolby Sounds but not DTS. Still after stopping Dolby files i have no UI click sounds.

Definitely not an AVR or TV issue. This was always working and all other connected devices are working.

Thank you !

Please read here and here

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