Nexbox A95X Pro : ** Amlogic S905W **

Received my Nexbox A95X Pro last week (after waiting a month), today I killed it. Installing SuperSU under Android Nugget, in these boxes is a death warrant.

Anyway, while waiting for the supplier to furnish a firmware (hope they will), I figured I would install CoreELEC to see how it performs. First, I had to figure out which device tree to use that is in the folder that is included in the ROM. Of course I had to use google to find the CoreELEC downloads, couldn’t find them on this forum, what a pain looking for where to download that file.

Anyway, I just picked a device tree that LOOKED like it MIGHT work. Since this box comes with a RF remote that uses an external dongle, it worked right out of the box. Setup was a piece of cake and remote works great. WiFi, as expected does NOT work.

From my brief testing, my BlueRay rips are playing perfectly, with HD audio. Even my BlueRay rip of The Dirty Dozen, encoded in VC1 plays perfectly.

Installed tvheadend PVR client and it loads the guide fast, but when I switch to a live channel, the box powers off…

You don’t need google to find the device tree, they are all right there in a folder called ‘device_trees’ on the root of the SD card.
And this forum has a list of known boxes\device trees.

Yes, I know where the device tree is located, I could NOT find the CoreELEC ROM… hahaha

Oh, ok.
This section has the links you need

And how would I find that link, without knowing it was under the “News” section?? Forgive my stupidity, I am senile in my old age… Just that I struggled to find that ROM today.

I am running CoreELEC on some of my other Amlogic boxes.

We all have those days :slight_smile:

But you could have just opened up and clicked on “Releases” at the top :wink:

Ok, was at that page during my search, but “Releases” did not hit me… lol

does everything works correctly on this A95X PRO box ? wifi, remote … ?
did you install to internal emmc ?

Are you for real?, the last link (top right). Sadly nobody here can click it for you :rofl:

Poida, I hope you were not referring to my post!!!

Knoxx, using the device tree that I used, the WiFi did not work. Did not install to internal eMMC.

Thanks for your feedback.

Friendly fire :innocent:, just found it hard to believe you missed this :smile:

This is the page I have bookmarked. When I check the posting on this forum, this what opens up… Now YOU show me which “button” to click from here to get to the screen you posted!!!

You have the forum bookmarked.
coreelec homepage != coreelec forum

The link that was suggested by @Rascal is the one you said you was on.
Have a look :wink:
Having now established you were, in fact, at a completely different site, I can see your confusion.:+1: