Nexbox x96 + Philips TV + CEC: down key sometimes shutdowns CE

I have a setup, where Nexbox x96 connected to simple Philips 4k TV (2015 model) and CEC is used to control everything.
After upgrading to CE from LE kzaq’s builds, I’ve noticed that often (but not always) pressing “down” key leads to immediate shutdown of CE. I can’t figure out what is the condition that triggers that.

One rough guess is to have integrated IR receiver in x96 box also receive and interpret that “down” key differently…

Any ideas how to debug that ? or maybe way to disable integrated IR receiver and keep only CEC?

Install CE version fresh. Do not upgrade from LE. It has been said many times that although backup / restore might appear to work, it can lead to issues down the track.
Upgrading from an incompatible build is not officially supported, since a clean install can often avoid problems. :wink:

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@poida well, let me clarify: it is a fresh install. This device was used with LE kzaq’s builds with same TV for about a year without such problems. And I only noticed that behaviour once I’ve replaced uSD card with CE software.
The only common file is /storage/.kodi/userdata/sources.xml (I don’t want to type again and again my NAS mount points).

You could always copy the sources.xml file from LE/storage/.kodi/userdata/ to external media, then from there to the CE/storage/.kodi/userdata/ folder. It is best to restore as little as possible when going from LE to CE. They look the same, but they’re not (that’s why they have different names LOL)
As far as remote goes, if you are using remote.conf on LE it just ain’t gonna work on CE, and you’ll just have to read through the forum and grab the correct files for your device (there’s no way around it).
:thinking: You could test your IR theory by putting a piece of electrical tape over the IR LED and check the result.

@Poida as I mentioned above, it is CE fresh install with just copied sources.xml. I didn’t configure remote anyhow.

I’ll try to cover IR receiver to test the idea.

@Poida I can confirm that covering device solves shutdown issue. Now question is: is it possible to completely disable integrated IR receiver and keep CEC working?