NextPVR Server Missing from CoreELEC Repo

I’m following the very easy instructions here to get NextPVR up and running on my Odroid N2+, but the NextPVR Server is missing from AddOns> CoreELEC > Services. I’m running CoreELEC 19.5, and have updated/refreshed the CoreELEC repo, but it’s just not showing up.

From poking around other topics, I know I probably should post a log file, but I’m not quite sure how to create one, so if there are simple instructions anyone could point me to to do that, that would be excellent.

I initially pushed the service to LE10 and LE11 and they were build to CE 19 and 20 but I am not sure how CE packages things. Since LE10 and CE19 are closed you might be out of luck for automatic installs.

I did push a PR for NextPVR 6.1.3 to LE11 and LE12 but I don’t think they have made it to CE yet.

If you don’t want to update to CE20, you still can manually download and install the CE20 ng version or the LE21 arm zip files, the scripts are compatible. If you want info on how to do that let me know.

Thanks for the quick reply. In the meantime (after my post), I decided to bite the bullet and try an upgrade to CE 20 to see if the NextPVR Server would show up there, and it did. I was mostly worried the upgrade would break my customized skin and home screen, but it looks okay, so I think the easy solution (upgrading to CE 20) will work here. Thanks again! I’m looking forward to testing out NextPVR, because it looks great.

Ok great. If you have questions let me know. I recommend going to the server settings to do the manual upgrade, which will take you from 6.1.1 to 6.1.3 and avoid waiting for the change to be migrated.

I ended up having issues with CE 20, so I rolled back to CE 19. Could you let me know how to manually download and install the CE20 ng version? It sounded from your previous post that I should be able to use that to install the NextPVR Server on CE 19 (unless I misunderstood something?).

You can get an older version from the CE repo with ssh,

curl -O

Then manually add the zip and from service settings update to the current version of NextPVR. CE updates lag behind LE, to and just now I can’t remember how to download manually from LE where 6.1.3 is available but this does will do the same thing.

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