NFS 4 client and lirc included?

Hi, I’m in need of a 4K capable setup that supports HDR. According to the Kodi forum, an Odroid N2+ running CoreElec is the recommended solution at this time. Just have a few quick questions about that though…

Does CE support lirc? We use Dish 20.1 remotes with mceusb ir receivers. It works great with lirc. I’d like to keep things the same if possible.

Does CE support an NFS 4 client? If not, how difficult is it to compile the kernel from git to include it? Does CE patch the kernel at all or do anything outside of a regular kernel build? I compile my own kernels in Debian but am new to CE and don’t know how CE goes from a regular Linux kernel + necessary packages to CE.


I was thinking CoreElec but typed OpenElec for some reason - probably from reading a bunch of *Elec posts today… I adjusted my post accordingly. Thanks for catching my typo.

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You don’t beed lirc to have mceusb. We use rc kernel driver. MCE is supported out of the box. As for NFSv4, Kodi doesn’t support it but we use a GNU Linux as base and you can probably mount it manually.

It’s not mceusb that I need lirc for, it’s for the remote which uses a custom protocol. That’s why I had to use eBPF to create something usable with ir-keytable. The performance with eBPF isn’t great though - not sure if that has improved over time but with everything working great using lirc, I’m happy to stick with that.

For NFS 4 I was hoping I could just enable support in a kernel compile and install the necessary packages from some repo rather than get stuck trying to compile an endless list of dependency hell. I don’t bother with Kodi’s NFS support. It’s easier for me to just take care of it outside of Kodi and mount the root NFS share locally. It also gives me faster performance that way.

My hope is that adding lirc + NFS 4 support is minimal. If it turns out to be a huge chore then I’ll probably look into other options that get me closer to begin with. Hopefully CE will work out though since it’s the current recommended setup for 4K/HDR.

Lirc should still be included. You just need to add a config. But it’s not enabled by default.

As for NFSv4 I already said that it’s possible. iirc there is a PR for NFS server support but client should already work afaik. Kodi only supports nfs v3

Thanks for the replies Ray! They sound encouraging that I should be able to get achieve what I’m after.

Re: Kodi only supporting NFS 3 - that’s why I just bypass in-Kodi NFS support completely and mount 4 locally. As far as Kodi knows, the NFS 4 mount is just a local filesystem. :slight_smile:

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