NFS4 with mySQL library database not working

Hi there,

I have using mySQL/MariaDB to share Kodi library database for a while. My content are shared over NFS4, with following exports:

nu22xj:~ # showmount -e
Export list for

I switched to NFS4 (as opposed to default v3) in the settiing and since it’s NFS4, the sources (in sources.xml) are basically like this:

    <path pathversion="1">nfs://</path>
    <path pathversion="1">nfs://</path>
    <path pathversion="1">nfs://</path>

But when it rebulds DB, it’s getting all the path wrong:

MariaDB [(none)]> SELECT idPath,strPath,strContent FROM MyVideos131.path LIMIT 3 \G;
*************************** 1. row ***************************
    idPath: 1
   strPath: nfs://
strContent: movies
*************************** 2. row ***************************
    idPath: 2
   strPath: nfs://
strContent: movies
*************************** 3. row ***************************
    idPath: 3
   strPath: nfs://
strContent: movies
3 rows in set (0.001 sec)

It’s adding NFSv3 style /exPort after the nfs-server IP, which is the actually root directory for NFSv4 now and shouldn’t be in the path. Not sure how it;s figuring out the server-side physical path but its invalid to a NFSv4 client, hence failling to payback any media at all.

Am I doing something wrong here? Or, did I miss anything in the config? Can anyone help me with this pls?


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