Nightlies hosed my box

Question. Is there a way to fix this without a new install? Right now I have burned an SD card with the correct CE9.1 and I have ssh’d into it and mounted /dev/data and can see the contents of the internal nand. Can I copy something from the SD card to the internal so that it will boot from my old install on the NAND again? Someone mentioned replacing the kernel and system files. I assume I have to mount the boot partition for that or something?

The safest way would be to flash your box with a working Android image to get back the needed u-boot for CE installation on uSD card, and then install to internal, if you still feel its so much faster…

Wouldn’t flashing the box with Android overwrite the installation I am trying to recover?

I got my data back by doing the following…
Install CE on an SD card and run it.
SSH into the SD card install
Create a directory called DATA (mkdir DATA)
Mount the internal nand to that folder (mount /dev/data /media/DATA)
Stop Kodi (systemctl stop kodi)
Remove .kodi from my SD card (rm -r /storage/.kodi)
Remove .config from my SD card (rm -r /storage/.config)
Move original internal .kodi folder to SD card (mv /media/DATA/.kodi /storage/)
Movie original .config folder to SD card (mv /media/DATA/.config /storage)
Reboot to make sure all was working ok
After a successful reboot SSH into the box again and run installtointernal

That got me back to where I was with the latest version installed.