Nightlies hosed my box

I haven’t booted my box for over a month, it was on a nightly something like 23 march
So I thought I would update, went into the settings but it didn’t find any updates…
Then I went to and saw there is defo an update…
I’m a linux user so I just ssh into the box and wget the file into the .update folder…
Reboot, it processed the update, reboot and now it’s stuck on Nexbox A95X splashscreen…I guess it’s time to find mrs paperclip again and work out what dtb file I need… :cold_sweat:
but what did I do wrong???
Thanks and nice day to all :heart_eyes:

Which file did you download?

Probably amlogic-ng.

this one CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.0-nightly_20190505.tar

Taaah you tar updated to the wrong one. You will have to reflash your SD card

I’ll have to find an SD card as well as mrs paperclip then lol
so I should have got the file from archive folder?
What’s the ng?

Can’t he just extract kernel and image manually from the right download and replace in the card?
If it hasn’t booted nothing on storage should be mucked up.

Edit: not if he’s installed to internal though.

Yeah replace KERNEL and SYSTEM

yes I installed to internal, don’t see the point in having that android muck on it :rofl:

Next Generation (Odroid N2)

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Now I’m defo confused :thinking: :crazy_face:
This thread ‘which dtb do I use’ ❓ Which DTB do I use? takes you to the download page
Then when you click on the link ‘search for the right device tree’ it takes you back to the thread again!!??

You’re right, that section needs to be updated.
Click on the Stable button, and you’ll be able to select the device and get the correct DTB.

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This has been fixed in source. It should not be possible anymore to update to -ng in the future.


ok so I made some progress after finding a cocktail stick (paperclip gone awol), a USB keyboard (remote not working anymore) and having to mess around with Wifi key (French routers temperamental and tend to have a 20 digit key) but now the box is stuck with ‘Writing device tree image…’ when using installtointernal…I did see a thread saying installtointernal not supported anymore but in the words of adamg ‘So as some of you are aware when we buy our devices they come pre-loaded with the most hideous copy of Android known to man’ so I don’t see why any sane person would want to run off an SD card :rofl:
Any more pointers gratefully received…

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Try running installtointernal again after restarting the box. Some boxes need 2 shots at it.

If this doesn’t work get a fast U3 SD card (eg Sandisk Extreme). Very quick and quite cheap now, and just run CoreELEC from there.

@relkai @Ray @TheCoolest
I think there should be a separate folder or a description so that someone does not download the wrong file. It is very easy to do, especially since ng is in the middle.

There is a check implemented in the update, that should prevent older devices from using the Amlogic-ng update.
Unfortunately, this implementation was wrong and @Ray already fixed it (will be included in the upcoming nightly):

So, there is no need to put it into a separate folder.

yes, i destroyed my system too :frowning:
but ive a 3 weeks old complete backup from my SD made with USB Image Tool . so 1 hour later all runs fine again

:wink: :grin:

Oops I did this too to my S912 box and it was installed internally. I grabbed the NG tar (not noticing the NG part, I just saw the .tar) and put it in the update folder. The warning message says it was not compatible with kernel 3.14 and to add a .nocompat file to proceed. My take from that was that I had to add the .nocompat to upgrade to a newer kernel so I did and it killed the box. I think the warning should be more clear that you should not upgrade unless you have a S922X box.