Nightly builds

Going to revert to the last nightly and see if it clears it.
Got a power outage which has halted proceedings for the moment.

EDIT: Effects both versions so its just the persistent issue with TVH which has resurfaced again. Very frustrating since its very much random which makes it difficult to solve.


KI Pro
Kodi 18.3
Everything is OK

Nightly builds aren’t auto updating for me since the bump to Kodi 18.3
Is this by design?

There is only a new nightly if there is new changes, no new changes = no new nightly.

We have entered a new code freeze. There won’t be any new commits in the upcoming few days while we make sure that the code is stable. Once it’s good, we will make an official stable release.
You can update to the latest nightly manually if automatic update isn’t working for you.

Only major breaking changes will be addressed, so please check it out to confirm that the latest nightly is working properly for you. For instance, if you’re on an old nightly, update to the latest one to make sure that our planned stable build is in fact stable.

Stable for me, in fact it’s rock-solid.

Stable for me too. No problem at all.

Me too, no problem.

Best regards…

I just got the “an update is available” on my CE and after the reboot I get the logo and then just a black screen.
After about 10min i just pulled the power and now the blue sys led is just blinking and nothing else.

Any idea?

Is it connected to a AVR it could be HDMI handshake issue, I see that to from time to time switching input/source clears that up.

Nope, directly to the TV. swithing sources didn’t do anything…
i’m guessing so I have no power led (red) and only a sys blinking that I possibly corrupted the update?

i’ll reflash manually to the latest nightly and restore an update from a week ago.

How many times have tried to pull the power?

At least 4 times now.
I never changed the update channel though, just installed the previous nightly build.

perhaps a stable version overwrote something non N2 related?

Is it the N2? Try one last time keeping it unplugged for 5mins, if it still isn’t booting correctly I would also make use of that backup.

Right now it’s not even recognizing my MMC card anymore when i plug in in to the pc.
Not happy right now

Using an N2
So I’ve been trying to just put the nightly on a SD Card and boot from that but:
When I put in the SD Card only and have the switch on MMC it doenst do anything (seems like the SD Card is not detected)
If I put in the eMMC module the blue led just blinks…

on the SD card there is a fresh image

Do I need to do something special on a N2 for the SD Card to boot?
According to the specs it should go eMMC -> Fail -> SD Card

Looks like tonight’s build based on 9.2 failed?

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I updated to the 6/27 nightly on my N2 with no issue. Though it looks like the nightly download area of the web site has a different file structure now, don’t know if that’s intentional.

Installation for the N2 shouldn’t be that complicated, something else going on there. Normally you just write the image to SD card with image writing software like Rufus. Pop the SD card in the slot and boot to Kodi setup. Once you boot off an SD card and enable SSH from within Kodi, you can SSH to the N2 and run the installtoemmc script to load the eMMC.

The only thing that can be a problem is if the boot switch is in the wrong position. It provides an option for SPI boot, but you want the other position for u-boot. If you still have problems, maybe a bad SD card or some other hardware issue.

Yeah, there was a build error with the new 9.2 branch.
We are working on it.