Nightly builds

Does this also mean that hardware drivers that are currently available for Android but not currently available for use within CE can be utilised to expand hardware compatibility?

Hardware drivers are separate from the kernel, you would have to elaborate more on what doesn’t work and we can then see what we can do.

The driver that I had in mind has already been shown not to exist in open source format compatible with CE but there is an android driver, so for a moment I thought that there was some hope but as the drivers are separate from the kernel, it confirms that there is no option at the moment.

Are there any risks, regarding Android kernel? Like some functionality, proven to be always good on older kernels, breaks when using android (frame rate autoswitching etc…)?

For me presonally, I would trust HW vendor kernel the most (HK’s 3.14 for C2 for example)… I am little bit afraid about “generic kernel”, especially when vendors do work only on their fork and not trying push upstream… We all know how is it with development, and software written to newest device… By years older device sometimes struggle with new software, even it claims to be generic…

AFAIK, our 3.14 kernel is based on a clean Android kernel, and it works just fine.
Vendor kernels are not that great for us, because they are aimed at very specific devices and are designed for Linux distros such as Ubuntu. Besides that, on the source code side, they are a pain in the rear. Vendors rebase new kernel versions over the original Android one, which causes conflicts, commits get lost, errors are made and regressions are introduced, and a proper history of our own changes gets lost.
Going with a clean kernel is just better for CE in general, so far we have not seen any regressions. It’s possible that we may have missed some bits that need to be ported over, this is partially why it’s still experimental and there are no public builds with it yet.
But the main and important parts are there and functioning fine.
HDR10, HLG, Multichannel PCM, HD audio passthrough, auto color depth/color space switching, playback is much improved on some of the new x265 encodes (there is no stutter), etc.


No HDR10+ ?

No, it plays as HDR10.

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i thought all the time coreelec is based on a regular linux kernel, not an android kernel. can someone tell me whats the reason for not taking a regular linux kernel?

Because the hardware used in amlogic boxes are not supported directly in the main Linux kernel.

Amlogic produce their own kernel to support their own chips. Board manufacturers adapt this to support their boards.

Mainline support for Amlogic chips is a slow work in progress. Amlogic do not support these efforts and only want users to use Android.



Since v5.3 it says “minimal support for N2”. Maybe we can expect in the next months support for this.
Wondering if CE will then migrate from Android Kernel to mainline if its “good” supported.
If i understood that right, the only thing that is missing in v5.3 mainline is video decoding

Mainline support for AMLogic is like Fusion power, always just around the corner.

The LE team have abandoned development of a mainline Kodi Leia
and are only suggesting support for Kodi Matrix.


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Hi adamg, were the CEC issues related to powering-on signal sent by CE to the TV (when the TV as powered-off) ?

I have also the problem, that CE lost after a while the CEC signal to my TV. I can hit any button on my TV remote but my N2 do nothing. I must shutdown my N2 via SSH.

Have you tried changing inputs to say TV then going back to the CE Kodi Input? Its a bit of a cludge but it works for me if CEC disconnects.

Yes, i have also test this. But it did not change anything. This error is in the actualy nightly and in version 9.2.1.

Anybody with CEC issues will have to wait until nightlies resume with our new kernel to report issues as the old kernel that you are having issues with has been abandoned.

Ok, i will wait for the new kernel or the new nightlys.

I’ll also wait for new kernel but can confirm the above issue. Sometimes cec stops and changing inputs makes it work.
Sometimes the n2 just completely breaks cec/arc.
When it goes big style the symptoms are.
TV remote will not control the n2 over cec
TV remote will still control avr volume over cec
Audio via ARC no longer works for any tv inputs.
If I ssh to the n2 and reboot, cec and arc begin working again.

Thx, i’m not allone with this error.

Is it possible that the new lernel will solve the issue with ethernet on X96MAX 4/32, the new revision board RP? The 100mb instead of 1000 mb LAN :frowning: ?
Now, for me, the Lan is totally not working, not even 100mbps.

Thank you !