Nintendo 64 Emulator / Mupen64

I just started to use CoreELEC (20.1) with my odroid n2+ and have a few questions that I can’t find answers for easily (I guess since the forums are down it’s also harder).

I still own the n64 and several games from my childhood that I never finished. I thought I would be easily to emulate them on openelec.


  • Can a nintendo 64 emulator be easily installed? (my main question)

  • I found Mupen64 in the index of kodi addons, also in the kodi wiki. I can’t find it though when searching through the addons that are supplied by the official repo. My guess is that the OpenELEC-Repository is not the Kodi Repository, and we only get what can be supported by openelec (/our devices). Am I right?

  • I can’t find a .zip to the “big” kodi repo that I referred to earlier. I guess it’s because of the same reason. Or can the official kodi repo actually be added?

Even though I originally wanted to run games on it, it’s the best media center experience I ever had. Kudos!

I found out that in the past emuelec was available and is more or less now replaced by retroarch. Anyone knowing more care to explain away?

You’re covering a lot of ground here. You’re asking questions about EmuELEC in a CoreELEC forum but mentioning that you’ve installed the long discontinued OpenELEC.

Here’s a link to the EmuELEC discord and wiki where you should be able to get answers about EmuELEC from the EmuELEC community.

Omg, jeez, sorry, I am in fact using CoreELEC. Corrected it.

I understand that the addons available in coreelec are not the same as those from “vanilla” (I guess x86) kodi.

After some more digging today:
I found out that the retroarch addon is the way to go. It’s very easy that way to have a playable nintendo 64 emulator (although after testing for hours, I will not live with the still noticeable input lag (timing mario 64 jumps) and hence tend to go the x86-route by replacing my odroid n2+ with some sort of nuc :confused: )

I also found out that the emuelec addon is discontinued, emuelec only supports aarch64 these days and the last addon-release that would work is from ~2019 so it’s safe to say that the emuelec addon has been replaced by @spleen1981 (github page)

Hope this helps someone else. Maybe there is nothing to add, then feel free to close the topic

Just for some more info into Nintendo 64 emulator on Odroid N2 (not + version) For such games I have CE 9.2.8 running from an uSD card, and only EmuElec addon installed. I must say that it runs “Super Mario 64” almost perfectly; meaning NO input lag, no frame skip or any other problem. I did some tweaking only to get better picture rendering, and kids just love to play it for it’ speed and responsiveness using GameSir-G3s controller via GameSir WiFi adapter connected to front USB 2.0 port.

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