No 1080i Resolution with Mecool M8S pro+ possible

I tested this now with 2 different fresh untouched Installations on SD Cards
and three different TVs

In Settings-System-Display-Resolution 1920x1080i is listed.
If I try to activate this resolution then nothing happens!
As a follow up no 1920x1080i options are listed in whitelist.

Only way to get Display Resolution to 1920x1080i is manually editing the guisettings.xml

Didn´t have this with Ce before last release (58,8 KB)

edit : I think can be closed, because Raybuntu told me in german that this is a KODI problem.

Hey there, i got this problem when i want to watch Youtube Streams. I can select them manually and then i can watch 1080, but i dont want to switch every time. Did he told me how to fix it or is this even possible?