No audio with RTSP stream?

I recently purchased an Odroid N2 and am using the latest CoreElec Nightly build. So far most everything is fine, but I just discovered that I’m not getting any audio on my security camera’s RTSP streams. Video is 1080p / H265, audio is AAC. Cameras are Dahua.

The preamp says the system is outputting 2-ch PCM, as does the HDFury in the middle, but I only get silence. I’ve played around with enabling / disabling passthrough, switching from optimized to best match to fixed, and changing the number of channels to no effect.

This worked fine in previous editions of Kodi/LibreElec on a Chromebox, and also works fine on a current Kodi running on Android TV hooked up to the same audio system.

Debug log at

Look for “Keeley” as the stream name.

Okay… so I had some mental glitches, my stream bookmark was selecting the wrong substream (not HD/h265) etc… however I’ve determined what the problem is: certain AAC encoding rates don’t seem to be working for playback.

FC ff-aac 32 bits 64,000 hz - not working
FC ff-aac 32 bits 48,000 hz - working
FC ff-aac 32 bits 32,000 hz - working
FC ff-aac 32 bits 16,000 hz - not working
FC ff-aac 32 bits 8,000 hz - not working

Again, these seem to work fine on Kodi for Android TV and my previous Kodi installations. Any ideas?

Log for a WORKING stream: