No Chapters in MKV?

i am new to CoreELEC, coming from OSMC Vero 4K+.

i have a minix NEO U22-XJ. installed CoreELEC to EMMC running 19.2 RC2.

No chapters are recognized on ANY of my titles, chapters work fine on the Vero.

Chapters work fine for me, it’s a Skin\Kodi\Addon issue. Try to reset CE to factory defaults, or do a clean install on a SD card and see if that works.

i use the same addons/skin on all my kodi installs, this is the first time there has been a issue.

i tried the default skin as well, no chapters.

reset to defaults, chapters work.

not sure what addon/settings would cause chapters to stop working. like i said same setup on all my boxes all work fine

it is fixed

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what have you done to fix it? Please explain…

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