No display after changing to 4:2:0

I have s905x3 box that runs 20.1. After changing the coreelec setting from auto to 4:2:0 there is no display even after reboot. I can still access the device via ssh. Can I revert the command via ssh?

Remove resolution.ini on COREELEC partition. After boot set it to auto again and reboot again.

CoreELEC3:/flash # rm resolution.ini
rm: remove ‘resolution.ini’? Y
rm: can’t remove ‘resolution.ini’: Read-only file system

is above correct? can’t seem to delete it.

You first need to make the flash area write-able by remounting it:

mount -o remount,rw /flash

Thanks. that worked

CoreELEC3:/ # mount -o remount,rw /flash
CoreELEC3:/ # cd /flash
CoreELEC3:/flash # rm resolution.ini
CoreELEC3:/flash # reboot

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