No DTB listed for Odroid N2 in install instructions?

Install instructions here on the CE website say to copy a DTB file - but the page linked (CoreELEC - Device Trees) only shows “-” instead of a DTB name for Odroid N2. I’m assuming that means the step can be skipped for this particular device? Am I correct? Perhaps the install guide could be re-worded to make it clear what to do here. Thanks.

Odroid N2 is an SBC, and has its own dedicated image, incl. BL & DTB.
Therefore, no copy of dtb needed.
Install instructions are up-to-date

Thanks for the link, yes instructions on the wiki there are correct. But a new user coming to website, clicking “install guide”, and following the steps there are still told to “Copy a device tree”. They are then directed to a list of DTBs where the N2 appears but has a null entry. Perhaps instead of “-” it would be useful to state there in that table that the DTB step is not required for N2. This is where I got confused anyway.

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