No HDMI <-> no VNC

Hi Everyone

I use my CoreElec box as a microcomputer, thus it mostly has no display connected. It has the following cycle:

  • reboot with display connected → aml-vnc works
  • disconnect display → aml-vnc still works (Idle CPU temp is 5 celsius higher as usual. Possibly even with display connected…)
  • reboot with no display → no VNC
  • connect display → nah, reboot is needed.

No VNC means I can actually connect, but see only blank screen, no keyboard input wakes it up. May be the black screensaver. Anyway, display remains black.
I suspect it didn’t work like this after fresh reinstall, but I cant prove it. Maybe after the next reinstall.

My questions are:

  • how can I keep VNC possible? Can I trick CoreElec to think has a display connected?
  • how can I find the reason of high CPU / high CPU temperature? What inputs shall I provide here for help? Debug logs? Backup?

Thanks in advance

Use board search, there are already some issues and how to solve it to be find in forum.

With my S905X3 and S912 devices I have no problem, VNC always works fine regardless of the state of the TV (off or on at CE boot).

My configuration of /storage/.config/ is like this:

sleep 20s
# use this in case of problems:
# fw_setenv hdmimode 1080i50hz
# fw_setenv outputmode 1080i50hz
# echo 1080i50hz > /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap
# vnc will stand up himself
pkill -f aml-vnc

When CE/LE is disconnected from the TV the CPU temperature is lower, this is normal, I suppose the drivers detect this and the screen refresh processes stop working temporarily.

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