No LAN on S912 Beelink GT1



I’ve installed CoreELEC-S912.arm-8.95.7-S912 on my Beelink GT1 (not Ultimate) but there is no GigE LAN connection (no link), wifi is fine. LAN works fine on Android so the h/w is OK.

I didn’t copy any specific dtb file.
CoreELEC:~ # cat /proc/device-tree/le-dt-id

Any ideas?


I think that’s the wrong DTB for that box, I believe you need to use the q201 1gbit dtb.


For Beelink GT1 you must use gxm_q200_2g.(I have the box too)


Thanks Dan!

gxm_q200_2g works fine. I had tried it before with LibreElec and the Beelink logo just hung (guess I was impatient!) and then after I saw it matched GT1 Ultimate I’d discounted it.
But I waited this time, then CE booted and the LAN is working great now. :slight_smile:


EDIT - ignore, I figured it out. Rookie mistake as I had not renamed the file dtb.img. Thanks for the insights on this thread

All - I’m brand new to Coreelec (used openelec and libreelec for years). I’m having the same ethernet problem with my GT1 (not ultimate). Tried the gxm_q200_2g and ethernet is still not showing up in Connections on mine. Any other thoughts on what to try?

I know that there are several versions of this hardware. My serial number starts with A912 if helpful. Maybe I should try a firmware update

Thanks, Jeff


Test gxm_q201_2g for A912



I also have a Beelink GT1.

I use gxm_q201 but the gxm_q200 works too.

The dtb isn’t the problem for the lan.

In the beelink forum, the following workaround helped and the lan is working for several weeks now:

Shut down the device, pull the power, hdmi and lan cable off. Plug the lan in, then the power cable…wait a minute to boot the system, before plugin the hdmi cable again. Now it should work. I use a static IP in my router using dhcp. Dynamic works also. Static in the device did not work.

It seems, that there is some interference between lan and hdmi connector. Hardware issue, has nothing to do with coreelec.

Hope this will help u too.


I have the GT1 not ultimate, serial A912 and I use the 2g 1 gigabit dtb. Works perfect.