No resolution available higher than 1080!

I just received my new ODROID-N2. After hooking it up to my 4K LG TV I don’t have any resolution options above 1080p. What am I missing?

Thanks for the help!

Some TV’s have their HDMI ports set to a “legacy/HDMI 1.4” mode by default instead of being set for the full HDMI 2.0 feature set. Also some TV’s have specific HDMI ports that you need to use to make use of 4k60hz videos modes.

I would suggest checking your TV’s manual to see if either of these is the case, and to see what settings you need to change for the HDMI input that you are using. Unfortunately almost every TV manufacture calls these setting something different and puts it someplace different in the on screen settings menu on the TV.

Another possible cause is that if you have an AVR between the Odroid-N2 and the TV, it needs to support 4k and needs to be configured to pass the 4k signal to to the TV.

I’m not familiar with LG TV’s but if you tell us the exact model of TV you have somebody here will probably be able to tell you the exact information you need to make sure everything on the TV is properly set.

I had this happen to me a couple of times when I added an AVR to the mix. Between the setup and cabling up the setup, the whitelist was showing only resolutions up to 1080.
Sadly., I can’t tell you exactly what fixed it, but after some reboots and playing around, the higher resolutions showed up again.
On LG you need to set the hdmi port to deep color, though on my model it just does it auto when you try to play HDR material (pops up a msg it’s setting the port to that and reboots the tv).
If you use an AVR, it might have HDMI Standard or Enhanced mode in setup. At least Denon and Marantz do. You’d want to have it at Enhanced

Also sometimes try using a different high quality HDMI cable

It’s the soundbar I purchased about a month ago, it’s only HDMI 1.4 :rage:

I only have a single ARC port on the TV so the soundbar has to be hooked up to that for me to control the volume of it with the TV remote. I was hoping to run the ODROID through that as well because I want the TV to power on/off ODROID too. I wonder if the other HDMI ports on the TV though do CEC just not ARC? I need to play around with it I guess!