No sound when playing some 4k videos

Hi there,
Due to the age of my AVR and TV, I have the following config
Odroid N2 > HDMI > Splitter
Splitter output 1 > HDMI > TV (4K)
Splitter output 2 > HDMI > AVR
This was working fine 'til I upgrade to CE 20.1
First, I had to generate disp_cap file as CE could not get the TV capabilities (I guess) and max resolution was 1080 when playing 4k video.
Now for almost all 4k video, my AVR doesn’t get the audio signal. When playing 1080 all is good.
I can’t really get why some are playing well with audio, maybe lower video debit rate.

Any idea how to troubleshoot?

Thanks Portisch, I’ll try to troubleshoot following the page.
I have more info
With 4K video with HEVC codec, no audio, AVR doesn’t detect it, while 4K video with H264 codec AVR plays audio.

New try
I installed CE 19.5 on a sd card and placed it in the N2 connector.
When I start 19.2, HEVC videos have correct audio.
When I start 20.1, same HEVC videos don’t have audio.

I’d say this is a bug.
Is it enough here to get a fix from developer or should I open another thread, where?

Edit: I forgot to say I installed the same backup in the both versions

You still didn’t upload any logs for non-working version.
Did you try to check on fresh 20.1 install without restored backup?
Also check that audio output is selected correctly
See attention blocks more detailed in link below:

How stupid I am!
I found MY mistake, just I have reversed 2 HDMI cables from the outputs of the splitter.
Shame on me.

Please accept my apologise for all the disturbance I have made and the time you spend for me.

Thanks again and have a good day

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