No TV guide without internet


Hoping this is a simple one !!

I have coreelec running on an S12 Pro which normally works great.
My coreelec is just one client connected to TvHeadend running on a headless Ubuntu server.
Living in Australia the NBN (national broadband) goes down way too often. This causes the tv guide to show nothing. Blank. Nada.

One of my other clients is an old laptop running Ubuntu with latest Kodi. The tv guide works fine when the internet is not connected so I know it’s nothing to do with the server. Obviously showing what was downloaded when it was last connected.
I also know the coreelec client can see the server as my server movies and tv shows are all accessible.

I have checked the log when calling up the tv guide and there are no errors. I’m yet to go through the whole log for potential problems. Hoping this is known, simple issue to resolve.

Thanks for any input and a great product.

I presume you are using a tuner for FTA channels on your server side ?

If so, I can’t see internet drop outs would cause this.

I think I just worked out the issue.
I looked up at the screen and the time was wrong.
Without access to the time server the client time is wrong so I’m pretty sure it won’t find any guide data. Is it possible to set the time manually? I don’t see it in the interface anywhere.

Yep, that was the issue.
It was set to 2015 after a restart without internet access.
Using the date command via SSH to set it correctly resolved the issue. The guide came straight up.

I hope this resolution helps someone else.


Yes,timesync can mess things up.

My internet does not go down, but I always set kodi to delay start some seconds to have the time in sync before PVR components start.

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