No video output after installing

Hello friends! I’m having a problem with CoreElec! When I boot the SD Card it does not pass any type of image, displaying only a black screen just after boot. The sound comes out normally but the video has no signal. This is after the boot, right after the CoreElec logo appears! And I use a RCA cable to watch on my tv. My device is a Mecool KI pro! The versions of LibreElec do not have this problem! I use Version and it appears with 720x576 resolution in the settings. Now using the Kodi WebInterface client, when I check the video settings, there is no resolution available! What was happening?

There is already a topic on this subject.

I believe it will solve your issue.

I confirm this problem, I have same problem. I have nexbox s905x 1g 8g and using coreelec 8.95.2.

What are you confirming? See Adam’s reply.

Sorry I misunderstand, my sd card has become corrupted. That’s why I m facing this type of problem.