No video playback on Plex through Sony HT-A9 AVR

Hey all, just finished installing CoreELEC on my Ugoos AM6B Plus - interface and performance across the OS is awesome. Playback works great on Plex when I plug it directly to my TV, but if I try to run the video output through my Sony HT-A9 receiver, I get no video playback.

I can navigate the OS and go anywhere within CoreELEC, but when I try to play a movie/show on Plex - I get a “no hdmi connected” prompt from my TV (again, only when I run the HDMI cable through the HT-A9, when I plug directly from the Ugoos into the TV - I have no issue).

In an additional wrench into the system here, the one exception is that I can play DVD quality (480p) content just fine as well off Plex through the HT-A9. But (seemingly) nothing higher.

Obviously I’m missing something between the Ugoos and my HT-A9. I’ve seen others on the forum report no issues using the HT-A9 and CoreELEC. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions I could try to fix?

Update: If I force my display to 1080p through CoreELEC, any video will play fine - I’m thinking this must have something to do with what resolution/bitmap the HT-A9 will accept being handed over?

I also use an HT-A9 - in general quite stable with both 1080 and 2160.

I do see occasional blank screens after been switching between different res/content types - can be resolved for me by using the Sony remote to switch the HT-A9 Off and On again - classic solution :rofl:

At some point will get an eARC TV and pipe back the sound to the HT-A9 rather than everything through it, but not an option with my current ARC only TV - presuming you also cannot do something like that.

Interesting. I also don’t have an eARC capable TV - maybe one of the HDFury audio extractors would help rather than trying to pass through the HDMI controller. Super weird issue in general here. What kind of TV do you use if you don’t mind me asking?

LG E8 - circa 2019.

I wouldn’t recommend EARC due to potential latency problems. I switched to an EARC-enabled TV, excited to utilize it, but was disappointed when I encountered audio delays.

Your Soundbar’s eARC Connection May Not Give You the Best Experience: What We Learned From Taking 500 Measurements Using Our Updated Audio Latency Test -

@mattecoffee02 What’s your TV? I also encounter an issue with my Philips TV and Samsung soundbar.

After sometime CE can’t detect DV support and DV stuff plays in HDR.
Thanks to @cpm I now load correct EDID via SSH instead of fiddling with TV settings every time this happens.

Anyway, I wonder if your issue is something to do with EDID too.

I can even get multichannel PCM to work via EARC If I load soundbars EDID while connected to TV. Maybe If you use TV’s EDID when connected directly it’ll solve your issue.

These are to commands:

echo save bin /storage/downloads/edid_soundbar.bin > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/edid

echo load /storage/downloads/edid_soundbar.bin > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/edid