No WiFi on Nexbox A95X B7N 2/16

I wanted to switch from LibreElec Krypton to CoreElec Leia (9.0.1. stable). Booting works fine, but my wifi doesn’t work at all. I don’t have the option to turn it on or off and it doesn’t find any networks.
I used the gxl_p212_2g.dtb Device Tree and I’m running CoreElec from a Micro SD Card.
Did I miss anything?

Thank you

Do you know which wifi chipset your device has?

I tried checking it, but couldn’t find it in any system settings.
Can you give me a hint where I can get the chipset?

You can type lsmod inside LE on SSH and paste the output and we can tell you.

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Module Size Used by
9082xs 775946 0
8021q 19119 0
cfg80211 365310 1 9082xs
wifi_dummy 806 0
mali 198360 5
amlvideodri 12586 0
videobuf_res 5402 1 amlvideodri
videobuf_core 16491 2 amlvideodri,videobuf_res
videodev 148789 1 amlvideodri
media 25119 1 videodev
dwc_otg 232183 0
fbcon 37495 0
bitblit 4484 1 fbcon
softcursor 1184 1 bitblit
font 7287 1 fbcon

This WiFi model is not supported in the current versions.
You can search for “9082xs” on the forum, there are several topics about it.

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Too bad. Thank you for your help.
So my best bet would be a wifi stick then?

Either that or a wifi bridge or some powerline adapters.

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Really, the antenna in this box is extremely weak. Unless you do the mod, I would suggest sticking to hardwire.