NOOBs super everything image?

I have a Khadas VIM3 Pro but I may have purchased the wrong device for what I’d like to achieve:

I’d like to connect an external (ext4-formatted) HDD to the USB 3.0 port

I’d like to install CoreELEC 19.3-MATRIX to the eMMC

I’d like to also install EmuELEC 4.3 to the eMMC

I’d like to delete the pre-installed Android instance from the eMMC

I’d like CoreELEC & EmuELEC to auto update themselves

I’d like to have the ability to choose which OS I boot into (a dual-boot menu selector)

I’d like to store all my Kodi media files, video game ROM files, emulated console BIOSes, video game save states on the HDD

I’d like to use WinSCP on my Windows machine to configure both CoreELEC & EmuELEC as needed

I’d like to use WinSCP on my Windows machine to add or remove files from the VIM3 using either CoreELEC’s or EmuELEC’s SSH File Transfer Protocol daemon

Can I do all of this with this device?

Is there an all-in-one image that has all this pre-set? (Wishful thinking.)

Thanks for any help anyone can provide. I think I’ve bit off more than I can chew as I have zero experience with linux; although lots of experience with Kodi on Android TV & RetroArch on Windows.

I’ve cross-posted this to the Khadas forum as well.

1: yes. Either 2 or 3 not 2 and 3. 4,5: yes with 5 being exclusive. 6: no. 7,8,9: yes.
10: No it will take some work and a lot of knowledge.

You could install the EmuELEC add on for CoreELEC which works fine on my Khadas VIM3. This allows you to run both systems at the same time.

Thank you for your response Ray. It’s become quite clear that I made the wrong purchase decision for my skill/experience level. I chose the VIM3 because it, along with the MINIX NEO U22-XJ Max and the Ugoos AM6B Plus all have HDMI 2.1 out. I wanted to future-proof the Kodi box as much as possible and thought that sometime in the future HDMI 2.1’s Dynamic HDR’s SEI messages might be important to CoreELEC and Kodi. That and the VIM3 and MINIX both have unlocked bootloaders which I thought would make using with CoreELEC & EmuELEC easier.

You have confirmed what Chewitt, on this same query on the Khadas forum, said. I suppose I should have bought the MINIX U22-XJ Max after all.

Anyhow, thanks again for your reply.

Thank you alexbudd. I thought that the full EmuELEC instance would provide more RetroArch control along with the inherent latency-reducing tweaks to LibreELEC that shantigilbert added. I’m probably over-thinking all of this…

How you got that from my post is a riddle to me. Why would the Minix be better suited for you?
I think the VIM3 is better and you can achieve most of what you want. It you wanted a more out of the box experience you should have gotten an Odroid N2 or C4.

Sorry I didn’t mean to suggest your response to my query was an endorsement of any other product. Before I purchased the VIM3 Pro, I had been considering it along with the Minix U22-XJ Max and the Ugoos AM6B Plus. As I feel I bought a device less-ready-to-go than my other two candidates (perhaps erroneously), I just filled the blank with my next choice. Your response was perfectly on-point to my questions and I thank you and apologize for any confusion my response to your response may have caused.

I think I will go ahead with the VIM3. I can always fall back on its pre-installed instance of Android if CoreELEC’s learning curve proves too much for me.

I would never buy Ugoos to be frank. Minix only if you need this whole box experience. VIM3 is fine.

Thanks - I feel better about getting the VIM3.

I thought you already bought it? If not then get a Odroid N2+. You can have a multiboot system there.

Sorry that I haven’t thought about this but N2 or N2+ have the petitboot and some users are using it for muktiboot solution. So you can have emuelec on sd and coreelec on emmc.

Thanks Ray - I did already purchase the VIM3 Pro & additional parts, but haven’t assembled it yet. I had read about petitboot on the ODROID-N2/2+ and, I think also, the ODROID-HC4; but I decided to only consider devices with HDMI 2.1 thinking that HDR10+ would be best passed through HDMI 2.1 (my next TV is going to be a Samsung QN90A - I hope.) I know CoreELEC supports HDR10+ on the ODROID-N2, but wasn’t sure if non-HDMI 2.1 devices could properly pass it.

No HDMI 2.1 in VIM3. Not different than the N2. Those Amlogic SoCs don’t support real HDMI 2.1. N2+ has the same capabilities and also for HDR+ it’s the same I guess.

Really? The site and literature on the VIM3 Pro claim it’s HDMI 2.1 I hope I wasn’t fooled by Khadas - they’re supposed to be a stand-up company.

I guess my next question is how important is HDMI 2.1 for HDR10+. I read that Dynamic HDR’s “SEI messages” do not work on HDMI 2.0a.

I think I’m over my head here…

N2 couldn’t do 8K but it was the first Revision of g12b SoC. N2+ is the rev c and it has even more fixes than the VIM3 SoC.
But in the end neither of them can do full HDMI 2.1.
I don’t know if sc2 (S905X4) can do full HDMI 2.1 otherwise you need to wait for the next gen. I have no idea what SoC VIM4 is.

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