Number of audio channels question

I have An LG oled B7 2017 Connected via ARC to a Samsung Q90r Soundbar that is capable of every audio codec (7.1.4 with dolbyatmos dts x ) , And i have an Khadas Vim3l latest nightly directly plugged to the soundbar.
I have every passthrough enabled as the soundbar supports all.
Now i am trying the 7.1 channels in number of channels setting but some of my files dont play any sound or weird sounds come out , If i change the channels to 2.0 looks all right
the audio setting says that it doesnt apply to passtrhough audio and the audio tracks i am trying to stream are dts and dolby that i allready have enabled the passthrough.
Should i change it to 2.0 ? would this change anything to the surround quality ?
From a test i did when i have the audio number of channels to 2.0 and doing a dolby atmos test all the speakers seem to work fine the same goes on when i have 7.1 i do not notice any difference !
Can someone explain me the correct setting ? since i have passthrough enabled it shouldnt matter if i have 2.0 ? but then why i dont have sound when i have the 7.1 on some files.
i did follow and supposed to have 7.1 for avr hd audio capable but i do havea soundbar dont know if same thing applied
kind of confusing , tried to explain the best i could .
thanks in advance for any feedback and sorry if this the wrong place to ask.

You can only passthrough DTS and Dolby formats. Things like FLAC and AAC cannot be bitstreamed, AFAIK. Such formats will be output as L-PCM, and use the number of channels you selected.
To use L-PCM, you need to select the Multi Ch PCM audio device in the audio settings.

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