Octoprint, klipper & their dependencies


So I think its a shame having all that processing power going to waste, and thought installing octoprint & klipper.

However, when I try to clone octoprint with git, I get:
" fatal: Unable to find remote helper for ‘https’ "

I searched in opkg, but I could not find anything of use.

Any advice? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance! /D.

You should look into Dockerizing these services.
CE isn’t designed to be a development machine (as in to build code on). So you can use docker containers to do that, if you want to do this right on the box.
I also recommend running the applications themselves in docker containers as well.
I have Irssi and Pi-hole running on CE via docker.

Hm, yes this seems possible: klipper via docker? #358 & klipperondocker/docs.

I’ll keep on tumbling down the rabbit hole.